I worked with Nicki at Booktique after my debut novel was published. I had read through it over a hundred times believing I’d caught every possible proofreading, grammar, or spelling issue before it was published. After seeing a few reviews noting some issues (that I couldn’t find!), I asked Nicki to take a look for me as I was getting ready to update the version with a few minor fixes before a huge marketing campaign. She quickly read through the novel and sent back a ton of feedback. It was easily categorized so I knew what was a mistake/issue, style option, or general recommendation. I made all the edits I agreed with (which was nearly all of them) and sent back for a final review. She found a few more and really helped polish this novel. Coming away from it, I’ve learned two things: (1) how/where I tend to make my mistakes (thanks to her kindness and how easy it is to work with her) and (2) she’s definitely getting my second book which is due out soon.

Nicki is fast, reliable, honest, friendly, and very focused. I always knew our timing and how to find a great working groove in putting the finishing touches to my novel. I can’t wait to work with her again.

James John Cudney IV