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My portfolio is divided into two sections – one section consists of books I have exclusively edited and the second consists of books I have co-edited with other editors.  Please click each tab to see all I have done.

With Kaylene Osborn of Swish Design and Editing:

  • Mike - by MLJ Quigg - January 2019
  • Playing for Time - by Leesa Bow - January 2019
  • Acceptance - by K E Osborn - January 2019
  • Teaching Tucker - by Jillian Quinn - January 2019
  • Becks - Book 2 - by Thia Finn - December 2018
  • Keeping Kane - by Jillian Quinn - December 2018
  • Pucking Parker - by Jillian Quinn - December 2018
  • Sufferance - by K E Osborn - December 2018
  • Waiting for You - by Jasmine Stevens - November 2018
  • Kennedy - by Addison Jane - October 2018
  • Steeling Christmas - by K E Osborn - October 2018
  • Flare of Love - by Elodie Colt - October 2018
  • Deviance - by K E Osborn - October 2018
  • We All Have Secrets - by Allyson Sinclair - August 2018
  • Our Notorious Night - by K E Osborn - August 2018
  • Always Sir - by Alana Jade - August 2018
  • Irrevocable - by Addison Jane - July 2018
  • Penance - by K E Osborn - June 2018
  • Becks - Book 1 - by This Finn - June 2018
  • Girl in the Shadow - by Nancy George - June 2018
  • Dark Mind - by H.R. Owen - June 2018
  • Hunt Me - by Elodie Colt - May 2018
  • Resistance - by K E Osborn - April 2018
  • Meyah - by Addison Jane - April 2018
  • The Ultimate Sin - by Julia Quinn - April 2018
  • The First Sin - by Julia Quinn - March 2018
  • Shake - by Addison Jane - March 2018
  • What Would've Been - by Cassandra Magnussen - March 2018
  • Silent Scream - by Nancy George - February 2018
  • Ryder Steel - by Thia Finn - February 2018
  • Flare of Sorrow - by Elodie Colt - December 2017
  • Maggie - by Nancy George - October 2017
  • Lateral Moves - by Thia Finn - September 2017
  • Through the Villain's Eyes - by Stacy Benedict - August 2017
  • Redemption - by Kate Bonham - August 2017
  • Twisted Truth - by Maria Macdonald - August 2017
  • Assure Her - by Thia Finn - July 2017 (Re-Edit)
  • Broken Shadow - by Hazel Jacobs - July 2017
  • Hit Me - by Elodie Colt - May 2017
  • Hound Dog Confidential - by Stacy Benedict - May 2017
  • Flare of Power - by Elodie Colt - May 2017
  • Flare of Hope - by Elodie Colt - May 2017
  • Half Sac - by Thia Finn - April 2017
  • Hire Me - by Elodie Colt - April 2017
  • Revelations - by Kate Bonham - March 2017
  • Dazed - by Maria Macdonald - March 2017
  • What Could've Been Us In Another Time and Place - by Cassandra Magnussen - February 2017
  • The Bear Within Me - by Lacy Leroch - February 2017
  • In Blood We Trust - by Elodie Colt - January 2017
  • I Am Lioness - by Dee Garcia - January 2017
  • Hayden's Timbre - by Thia Finn - December 2016
  • Mine, Forever - by Kate Bonham - November 2016
  • Distracted No More - by Thia Finn - November 2016
  • Love Reunion - by Maria Macdonald - November 2016

Bianca Quest

Nicki at Booktique Editing was a pleasure to work with. Her patience and diligence on getting my first book edited was beyond what I ever expected....

Emerson Rose

Nicki at Booktique Editing has been nothing short of a miracle for my writing career. I've worked with several editors, but until I met and worked...

Melody Eve

I have worked with Nicki on multiple releases under two pen names. Nicki's attention to detail and dedication to making my novels as perfect as...

Marin Montgomery

I've worked with Bootique Editing on my last two novels and I've been impressed with Nicki's ability to critique and provide valuable feedback....

James John Cudney IV

I worked with Nicki at Booktique after my debut novel was published. I had read through it over a hundred times believing I'd caught every possible...

MV Kasi

Nicki is one of the most dedicated editors I have had the pleasure to work with. She's extremely talented and also very patient. After several...

Sienna Parks

I have worked with Booktique on two releases now and have enjoyed every minute. Professional and thorough editing, with great comments to help...

R. Gadd

Amazing! As a new author, the thought of having my book edited was a daunting prospect, but Nicki immediately put me at ease. She was patient,...

Holly Blackstone

I have had Nicki edit three books for me so far, primarily working on punctuation and formatting. She is professional, fast, (much faster than I...

Chevelle Allen

Nicki is the most attentive, knowledgeable, meticulous, and skilled proofer I've come across, and she's new to the game. If I were a betting person,...

Trisha Benton

Booktique Editing is very professional and efficient. Nicki is very flexible, and I was glad she accommodated my first book. I look forward to...

Elisa Marie Hopkins

Nicki is such a kickass editor! She was timely, professional, encouraging. She made the editing process seamless and so swift for us. First time...

P. G. Van

Nicki is amazing!! I am very happy with the work she has done for all my books.  She is very detail oriented and thorough.  I look forward to...

Liv Bennett

Nicki kindly accepted to proofread a bonus chapter of my latest novel on a short notice. Not only did she pick up several typos and punctuation...

Sarah Elizabeth Ashley

Nicki worked with me on my fourth novel, Never Say Love, although we had worked together briefly on areas of a previous publication, Eternally Alex....

Tina DC Hayes

Nicki Kuzn does an excellent job of finding typos, misspelled words, and inconsistencies, plus her attention to detail and suggestions make her one...

Greg Jolley

Nicki Kuzn is an excellent substantive, line and copy editor and a delight to work with. She recently completed the final draft of my novel Murder...

Heather Guimond

My editor, Nicki Kuzn at Booktique Editing, is not only thorough and fabulous, but also is a great part of my support system and a beta reader for...

J. Stoute – Louisiana Author

Nicki does a great job of finding typos, misspelled words, and inconsistencies. While I have had several editors over the past year and a half,...

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